May is barely a month away. Are you prepared for your NCLE Exam? This is a good summary of what you should know going in to your CLRE test.

You need to know your eye anatomy.

  • Parts of Eye
  • Corneal Layers
  • Adnexa Oculi
  • Tear Film

You need to know your pathology.

  • Corneal Problems
  • Pupil Related
  • Keratoconus
  • Keratitis
  • PMD
  • Eyelid Pathology
  • Conjunctival Problems
  • Epithelial Problems
  • Fusion Problems
  • Medication Interaction
  • UV Damage
  • Contact Lens Complications

You need to know your instruments

  • Keratometer
  • Radiuscope
  • Biomicroscope
  • Burton Lamp
  • Pachymeter
  • Topographer

You need to know your diagnostic procedures

  • Fluorescein staining
  • BUT
  • Schirmer
  • Taking Patient Measurements

You need to know your lens materials

  • Terminology
  • Rigid lens materials and properties
  • Soft Lens Materials and Classifications
  • Dk and Dk/t
  • Wetting Angle
  • Modulus

You need to know your design configurations

  • Base Curve Configurations
  • Millimeter to Radius Conversion
  • Sagital Depth
  • Peripheral/Intermediate Curves
  • Edge Design

You need to know your contact lens types

  • Cosmetic Contacts
  • Therapeutic Contacts
  • Size Classification
  • Multifocal Contacts
  • Specialty Lenses

You need to know your Fitting Philosophies

  • Interpalpebral Fitting
  • Lid Attachment Fitting
  • Soft Lens Fitting
  • Toric Fitting
  • Keratoconus Fitting
  • Orthokeratology

You need to understand the Lens/corneal relationship

  • Lacrimal Lens
  • K Values
  • On K, Steeper than K, Flatter than K
  • K Values and Vertex Distance
  • Dynamic Fluorescein Patterns

You need to know verification and ANSI standards

  • Verification Tools and Procedures
  • ANSI Standards
  • Rigid Lens Modification

You need to know Patient Instruction

  • Insertion and Removal
  • Lens Care
  • Follow up Care

You need to know laws and procedures

  • SOAP
  • Legal and Malpractice
  • Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Law
  • Triage and Scheduling

You still need to know your basic ABO material

  • Visual Errors
  • Geometric Optics
  • Light Theory

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